Friday, April 2, 2010

.:: Staff Welfare, T.O.P.I.C & etc ::.

Hello My Life
It's been a while since my last blog
masuk kje blk (after berehat selama 2weeks), I dah mula busy blk
dgn nak catch up J.D baru..nak hand over kje lama kat colleague..
mcm2 ler
kalo cite psal kje mmg x abis smpi esk

anyhow, nih antara topic yg I nak share
lets check it out!!~
well, i dh dpt blk my fb. also my yahoo id..haha dun ask how i got it. a fren of mine yg tlg. kirenye die tuh 'mahadewa IT'
all in all, i'm thankful 
 Staff Welfare
last week PMB ada 'March Assembly'
yg best kat assembly ni is ada birthday celebration
hehehe i kan 'gadis pisces'
so sume staffs yg lahir dipanggil kat dpn utk amik card!
after that ade jamuan mkn & potong cake! 

bersama gadis2 PISCES

bersama awex finance..yg I pgg tuh card from company

last Monday i got a basket of fruits!!~
hahaha gifts mse i admitted kat hospital last month
eventho i dpt lewat but terasa best sgt!
p.s: nsb baik dpt mse i dah sehat so bole lah i balun buah2 tuh

 for the 1st time I rse diriku begitu berharga!!~
hahahaha yelah previous comp never treated their staffs in a well manner!
jgn kate wish birthday, nk bg gift pon ssh yg amat!

 Staff Welfare
Last week ade xtvt T.O.P.I.C
I dun remember each one of them but yg I tahu I = Idol 
sume staffs bole beli card yg berharga RM 1 and free coklat
sgt cute and simple
nih antara cards & chocolate yg I dpt dr ***secret admirer***
cards & chocolates
 best sgt2 bila company buat xtvt mcm nih
aha....latest info, in May there will be PMB' Explorace @ Tasik Kenyir!!!~
Tasik Kenyir Terengganu!!~ Here I come!!~
till then

thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. hye sis Alynne,

    so,dah ade fb la ni ea???fb yg ari tu ke?nak add semula la..=)
    anyway, happy besday sis!

  2. hehhe yup dh dpt blk fb lama..
    mcm x caye je kan
    ntah mcm ne la depa buat

    nnt sis add nuriz la


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