Tuesday, March 16, 2010

.:: A Letter To Mr Hacker ::.

Dearly Mr. Hacker
thank you so much for messed up with my life
 u did a great jobs by hacked my yahoo account and fb
it's not only 1 yahoo id but 3!!~
i dun know what's in ur mind but what i knew now is u're messed up with wrong girl!
 luckily u didnt change my friendster password.
i dun know why, maybe u wanna blackmails me thru frenster?

it's been a while since my last login into frenster. 
well currently da only tool i have is frenster. to connect with my fren as my fb has been hacked! 

demn it! 

i dun really know what u want from my account. 
if u need any info juz ask nicely. 
its consider as u stole my prop! as da consequences, i'm no longer connnected with my frens. i've lost their emails. juz only 2 or 3 frens dat i still remember. 


i have more than 6hundred frens in fb. 
what i regrets most is i've met my lost frens there and then dis crap happen! 
its like 'katak bwh tempurung', dunno what has happen outside! 
actually im creating my new fb but i'm not in da mood to active as before. 
and i dun use my name! its better to be a stranger. 

owh god. 
why shud dis happen. 

i'm so sick of dis silly game! its like sum1 who knows everything bout me. from head to toe! 
i've search thru internet how to get back my account & unfortunately nothing i can do. 
da best is i shud move on and create a new acct. yeah i did create new one. 

last but not least, dear hacker, did i owe u sumthing? 
i dun think this happen from the yahoo side. 
its from sum1 who ENVY me! 

i've been thru more shit this few years! especially blackmails! and now i've lost my yahoo id. its not only 1 id but 3! i dun know what will happen next! 
whatever it is, im ready with dis war!

thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. sis...

    mase aktif main friendster dulu2, friendster i pun kene hack.
    so horrible...org 2 siap letak pic pompuan lucah kat friendster i..
    teruk giler sape yg wat 2.

  2. hurm sedey ni FB dah xde
    mcm ne la dorg nih ley hack kan
    pkai software aper...adoi...geram btul

  3. Fb sis dah xde la ye???
    teruk la...kenape la perkataan hacker ni wujud ea?
    xpe la..sis wat Fb baru tau.

  4. dah buat tp xde mood nk active sgt..mcm ssh je nk carik blk mmbe2 lama..huuu~


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