Saturday, April 3, 2010

.:: Tribute To Mr N ::.

Hello My Life
Actually I baru je blk dr Alamanda
Lepaks bersama hubby, Mr N, Kyra, Faiz & Shima

Tody Is his last day @ Pharma
We, Finance Dept gonna miss him a lot like Mr R
Sumtimes I dun understand why shud nice people had to go away
Previously Mr R (my ex-GM)
And now Mr N
Both are nice people, humble, caring and polite
He never puts pressure on us

to Mr N, I wish u all the best @ ur new place

p.s: nnt kite lepak ramai2 kat da curve keh!
sambil borak2 kosong sambil keluar air mata

Mr N in black
the rest are Angels

thanks for reading! xoxo

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