Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today I Dtg Opis Mcm Biase. Two Days I'm On Leave. Actually I Tak Nak Story Kat Sni. Just A Short Brief. I Had Bleeding On Last Saturday. STOP
During The Lunch Hour I Had A Short Discussion With My Staf, named 'S'. I Should Let Her Know That After Eid, I'm No Longer Doing GL and I'm No Longer Her Superior. Rumors said I'll Be Doing On COSTING. If Nothing Change, 'A' Will Be Her Superior. Of Course La 'S' Surprised With The News & She Said 
" patut la A ada tanya saya nak kje bwh die x ganti J " 
Myself = BLUR
Myself = did A knew bout this?
S         = nope. die invited sy buat costing. die x ckp pon psal buat gl
 A didn't know bout the changes. yes of course because Mr R wanna break the story after Eid. What's on my mind is why 'A' (without referring to me) ask 'S' to join her? Why 'S'? Why Not 'K' or 'H' or 'U'? I Don't Really Know What's On A's Mind But What She Did Behind My Back Is WRONG!

dlm b.m : staf ko dh nk berambus so ko pilih jln mudah dgn amik staf aku. so ko x yah la nk kne buat kje byk sementara nk tggu for bdk br msk. and pity me coz xde staf bwh i and i buat kje sorg2 again.
To 'A', I don't know why you hated me damn much. I didn't do any bad to you (ade la ngumpat..hahah) that might harm you. I still have respect on you because you're older than me. i know i'm not the kind of 'kaki kipas'. but at least i'm honest showing the real me. 

thanks for reading! xoxo

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  1. luckily there's no F in this story.. well YOU, we both know how a crazy little A will do to climb upstairs..haha how pathetic she is.. GTH.


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