Saturday, December 26, 2009


como es tas
hi to all bloggers
today i nk share bout my life kat Bangi

Life @ Pharma

my life @ pharma is getting better
my colleagues mmg best and hardwork abis!!~

for me, pharma as a platform to gain more experiences before i go to da next level..ahaks chaiyok alyn, be tough coz more challenges is waiting for ya!!~

Life as Bangi Resident
2b honest, da moment i'm officially moved here
suddently i felt 'menyesal'

thought dat i've made wrong decision
i wish i could turn back time and stays @ where i belong to~

as time goes by, i felt in luv ----> Bangi

I love my new apartment which my livin hall lg besar and view from my balcony nmpk 1 bangi..wee~
altho' Bangi xde KLCC or One Utama or Da Curve BUT kalo think in positve ways,Bangi is peaceful!!~
far far away from hustle and bustle
Bangi rocks!!!~ hahahaha

Life as Kaki Wayang

Last 2 weeks i went to Alamanda with my luvly husband ^_^
as there's no cinema yg dekat except Alamanda~)
it was da 4th times after i grad (thought so~) heheh lame giler!!~
i nk tgk 'AVATAR'

damn!!~ ticket selling fast
i tgk kat website GSC, movie starts at 950pm
kitorg dtg sejam awal tp tiket mmg sold out!!~
penat la kitorg que pjg giler

hubby has 2 options which is avatar & storm warriors
but duA2 sold out!!~

pity hubby & die mmg frustrated sgt2 hurm we all pon blk dgn H.A.M.P.A
hee~ Last Tuesday we went to Alamanda..
hahaha luckily we all dpt ticket avatar!!!~ suke sgt ^_^
Avatar = Best Movie Ever
juz wondering dh ade ke teknology mcm tuh skrg?
and wujud ke planet tersebut
well animals kat planet tuh mmg creepy tp planet tersebut sgt chantek!!~
if YES mmg wujud, betapa INDAHNYA CIPTAAN ALLAH ^_^


Nnt nak ajak hubby tgk Alvin & da Chipmunks lak!!~
Theodore sgt chomey!!~

suke sgt ^_^

till then x

thanks for reading! xoxo

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