Thursday, June 2, 2011

mix & match

 girls out there! which column in magazine that attract your interest? my answer should be the 'mix & match column'. i love seeing models with the outfit! and i'm craziee with handbags and shoes too!

hu hu hu
how boring and mundane to wear the same styles over and over. 
* one of the reasons i keep looking at my wardrobe each morning before leaving to office *
Where’s the fun in that? 
Don’t try to match from head to toe, instead mix & match your wardrobe for a cool and effortless style.  Mix highs & lows, vintage & modern, casual & dressy, or preppy & grunge! Whatever your heart desires! LOL!
 Walla! I Love Fashion!
* tapi nak berfashion, duit pon kena ada la. PAPA give me cash! Mama wants to go shopping *

pic kredit to Mr. Google

* these are my fav mix & match *

thanks for reading! xoxo

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