Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the unplanned holiday with parents in law

In early May, my parents in law were in ' Cuti - Cuti Malaysia ' Holiday. They have planned their so called honeymoon holiday since March. They started their journey from Kelantan to Terenggganu, going down to Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan before they pay a visits to our place. 

at their age, still have time to spend together2! I Loike XoXo!

* papa nnt bile kite dah tua kite gi jenjalan yerk *

supposedly they continued their holiday to northern but due to some problems, they changed their plan. and here's 'the unplanned holiday with parents in law' happen ( ^ _ ~ ) he he he

 my P.I.L *bukan pil ubat keh* nak blk kelantan ikut Cameron Highland and then kuar ke Gua Musang *berjanggut*. so, bila i taw jerk dorg nak ke Cameron Highland, sepantas kilat i ckp ' NAK ITOOOOOT!!! '
papa was like shocked and slumber ckp ' nk ikut, ikut jelah. x kisah '
*actually papa sedey sbb kne tinggal sorg2 kat umah*

seperti orang mengantuk disorong bantal *busyook* i pon trus amik half day kje on Friday. 
he he he semangat nk jenjalan!

I've never been to Cameron Highland okay!
that's why la i'm so excited like hell!

kami tido one night kat Brinchang!
* my litle star with his nenda *

 * xoxo *

 * view from hotel *

i'm satisfied with the short holiday. okay next time can ask papa holiday kat Cameron la. 

i blk kl on tuesday ( wesak day). its been a long time i x naik flight. so agak kekok naik Air Asia bwk baby. hi hi hi Mikhael sempat la gak menjerit2 dlm tuh.

  * airport kota bharu kelantan *

thanks for reading! xoxo

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  1. ehemm... seronoknya berjalan baby Mikhael ek? hehehehe


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