Saturday, May 21, 2011

the 'KO' name

my little brother will be finished his study in a few days. all of sudden, i felt strange. time flies fast as i couldn't imagine that his going to enter his new life. it was like yesterday we spent our time played our so called childhood games such as 'konda-kondi, kejar-kejar, nyorok-nyorok, baling selipar and teng-teng'. 
the best part that i wouldn't forget is that we have our 'unique' name. and that is the 'KO' name. i don't know where on earth this name came out but I'm surely knew i was from my 4th brother, Azlan a.k.a 'Kolan'. he's the naughtiest among siblings.

here's our 'KO' name :
Myself : Kolyn
Azue : Kozue
Azam : Kozam

isn't that cute? ahaks! i miss my childhood demn much.

from left : Kolan, Kozul, Kolee
front from left : Kozam, Kozue, Kolyn

thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. kak alynne! yana pun ada nama KO! sampai mama dengan ayah pun ada.. hahahahahah..

    kona- it's me!


  2. yeey! btul ke? hehehe 'kona' sounds cute :p


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