Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kelantan's Breakfast Culture

here's the thing that made Kelantan different from other countries. 
'the breakfast culture'  

as u know, my husband came from kelantan (although he was born in kl)
in early May, i was in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.
it was the first time i pay a visit to Kelantan after giving birth.

this is what i ate early in the morning - nasi putih + gulai ikan
pulut pagi made by grandma
pulut dimakan bersama kelapa
hence, for me its not a big deal to had these heavy breakfast. 
in fact, bukan selalu pown.

My breakfast culture

roti bakar and telur separuh masak menjadi pujaan 

i'm addicted with coffee! damn!
sempoi kan? hihihih 
IT IS A MUST to have these on every weekends!
If tak sempat ke kopitiam, i buat sendiri kat rumah je ( ^ _ ~ )

thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. kak, nasi dagang ke nasi putih tu? yg pulut tu nampak menyelerakan tapi telur separuh masuk tu lagi yummy! lama x buat macam tu.. kikikiki

  2. nasi dagang lain..nasi dagang ade warne coklat2 sket..hihiihh yana x pnah gi kelantan ke?

  3. yana x penah pergi kelantan, terengganu pun x penah pergi... heeeeeeeeeee

  4. xpe! nnt ajak 'future husband' pegi keh! east coast is a very nice place! and nice people too~


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