Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It Is Super Something


This week might be my last pregnancy updates. As days went by, I'm nearly 41weeks. Gosh! Time flies so fast and I couldn't imagine myself in the labor room and the fact that I'm going to be A MOTHER! HOT MAMA ok! Please mark that. Ahaks!
I'm nearly bloody 41 weeks! What is wrong with me huh? Can you imagine if you in my place? Calm down dear. Ahaks. It's not a big deal actually. Hehehehe. There are millions of women around the world faced the same situation as mine. OVERDUE date is not a HUGE problem as long as baby is OK. OK means you are able to sense fetal movement a.k.a baby movement/kicking/punching. IT IS A MUST to keep track on them.
You and your baby are in DANGER if they are less than 10x within 12hours. 
" LESS MOVEMENT may signal a problem "
(cikgu dah bg tahu nie, so utk sape2 yg bakal mengandung, sila amik tahu ye)

Ok. I'm getting boring with my n3. 
I'm not going to write 'a formal n3'.


During my last week of pregnancy, I felt something. How I wish I can express it here. It's different being a hottest preggy women. Ahahaha. (bloody hell! what are you trying to say alynne? plz stop it!!!!) From nothing to something. It's SUPER SOMETHING YUNA. Ahaks. Please forgive my words. So, in order to make the memory of 'the extravaganza' of 9 months remains, instead of blogging and taking pictures, I did record special videos. (Nmpk tak 's' tuh. So, banyak video yg I recorded ala2 syiok sendiri.) Its so exciting to be a DIVA of my own movie. Control chantek and body language ala2 hottest preggy wowen will make my short movie listed in anugerah skrin 2011. I'm hilarious. Ekekekeke. 
Except I hated my voice. Dah macam suara doraemon je.

Sorry, I'm not going to share my short videos here, although they said 'Sharing Is Killing Loving' Ahaks!
(I'm not going to fight for attention from Khabir Bathia or David Teo or Rosyam Nor or Aflin Shauki. I'm too good enough to give chances for Artis Malaysia cari makan. Tak baik kacau periuk nasi ayam orang! Hahahahaha)
I think I should stop now before I write down plenty of my bloody ridiculous idea.
See you in my next n3
Have a nice day ahead

Kita merancang Allah SWT yang menentukan. Semoga selamat semuanya. Amin.

thanks for reading! xoxo

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  1. kak! jangan lupa upload gambar baby! nanti yana nak ajak cik yus g tengok baby akak! heeeeeeee..


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