Tuesday, October 5, 2010

it's my life

ahaks! title blog nmpk mcm ganas x? hee~ kunun mcm meronta2 ala2 zaman gile2 remaja jerks!
ari ni i g Mid Valley. OMG! Lame giler x trun sne. actually i x rancang pon nk kuar mne2. this morning, in a blink of an eye, i teringat mmbe skool i, Pn. Zura. Trus i text her 'babe ari ni ade g mne2 x'

Pn. Zura : aku ade intvw kat midval kul 11am. lps tu aku free
Pn. Alynne : sounds great. gonna meet u there

after finish do the laundry, i trus bersiap2. ahaks! last time i jp Pn. Zura mse raya ke 6 kot. mse open house umah die kat cheras. tp x sempat nk borak lame coz die bz layan guest. 

actually last few weeks, i agak tensed! personal prob combined with working environment equals to aku tension giler babas! so i need to meet up sum1 to speak up! actually i x byk ckp pon. ingat nk mengadu and ask for opinions dr die. tp bile Pn. Zura dah start talking, susah nk stop. kne ade remote control.ahaks! btw, i terhibur and actually die byk share knowledge and experience die psal 1st baby! bukan ke itu yg patut i fikir other than fikir hal2 remeh yg hari2 i akan ngadap gak!

kitorg lepak kat food court for about 2.5 hours. mmg dah lama giler i x lepaks borak2 berjam2! hahaha. then i ajak die g jusco. i ni shopping baju! yup! shopping is the best therapy for women like me!
shop till u drop
i beli 2 pasang baju yg sgt seswai utk preggy women! wawawaa i sgt2 la happy! lame giler x shopping kat mall! selalu order thru tenet je! aura shopping die mmg lain mcm! ahaks! then kitorg jln2 kat area brg2 kitchen. to be frank, once dh married mmg secara naturally akan minat dgn brg2 dapur nih.

now i know why bonda suka kumpul pinggan mangkuk kuali periuk
smpi dapur tu perlu dibesarkan lg =p

jam 4 i dh call dr chenta hati. die dh smpi umah, so i pon trus gerak blk. actually mmg dh nak blk pon. kalo umah dekat mmg nk lepak lg. tp kalo i lmbt lg sejam, alamatnya i stuck la dgn en. jem! 

lesson learned : we need sumone to talk when we're in blues. we creates our own life. (except jodoh ajal maut). colors of our life is depending on our own hand! so kalo kite warne'n dgn color hitam , maka hitam la. kalo kite warne dgn warne2 pelangi, bkn ke hidup ke ceria? do u get what i mean? tepuk dada sakit dada tanya selera

thanks for reading! xoxo

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