Friday, June 4, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan Made Me CRIED!

Salam & Hello My Life

I Nak Comment Psal Movie Lagenda Budak Setan
Uish Kne Cpt Comment Ni Coz Kalo Sape X Tgk Movie Ni Ibarat Ketinggalan Zaman lah
Hee~ Last Nite I watch This Movie @ Alamanda Gsc With Kak Has and Her Friends

To Be Honest I Am Excited To watch it As The Main Actor & Actres Are My Favorite.
Farid Kamil & Lisa Is The Best Couple (In Movie). Ops..This Is What I Saw. Farid Kamil Is A Charming Guy And Lisa Is Like A Princess & She's CHANTEK. They have Chemistry. How They Act As A Couple Was Romantics. I Loike It.

But What MAKES ME Disappointed Most Is About Their LOVE STORY, Their Student Life, How Ayu Fall In Love With Aqashah. 

There Was A Scene Where Kasya Said 
'Ayu Lain. Ayu Merubah Pandangan Saya Terhadap Perempuan' <-- something like that
Actually, i wanted to know in what scene that aqashah saw 'it' in ayu?
Apart Than That, Students Knew Kasya Is Budak Setan. And Budak Setan Is Kasya. But In Movie, They Dont Show The Real Budak Setan Is

Actually Student Life Is The Best Memories Ever! Who Agree With Me. Plz Show Ur Love..Hee~

My Expectation is not really High As I'm Not Soooo Remember How's The Story In The Novel, But What I Knew Is Ayu Is Kasya's 1st Love. So, Director Should Expand Their Love Story. Hee~ Tuan Director! You Are Fired!

Anyway, I Love The Way Que Haidar Act! I Was Sooo Real! OMG! Kinda Afraid Of That Kind Pyscho Or Gila Attitude. Dayus La Pukul Women. Women Should Be Treated Nice Ok!

I Hate To Admit It But I Have To. Actually 2Times I Cried

The 1st Is The Scene Where Azmi a.k.a Que Hit Lisa & He Burn Kasya's Magazine. The 2nd Is When Ayu Died When To Give Birth. 
OMG! Is This Real In Our Life? Yes It Is.

Never Forget Fazura (Awk Sgt Cute La). She's Best And Cute!

Ok I Give 3*** To This Movie. Can't Wait To Watch Da 2nd Episode.

thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. haaa. ni yang takmo ni. nanti nanges kat wayang. T_T
    I Won 4 Tickets - Toy Story 3D

  2. huhu... takyah tengok wayang da.. dah thu dah citer... semua dah di citerkan.. =)

  3. hemm. nagis dua kali rupanya. kah kah kah kah. sory la.. cita ni tak leh buat i nagis ler.. belum betul2 memyentuh hati g. keh kekh..

  4. MaryamJamilah: Hee~Depends On individual. My Fren X Nanges Pon. Maybe Dlm Hati I Ade Tmn :)

    Raybond: Hahah Tgk Lah Jugak & U Comment Lak

    Drill Red: Ekekek Kak Has Sbb Xde Taman Dlm Hati :p


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