Tuesday, May 18, 2010

.:: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ::.

Hello My Life
Sy Sgt Tak Sabar Nak Tggu 30.June.2010
Sbb Mse Tuh Twilight Saga : ECLIPSE Dah Kuar Wayang!!!
Nak Tgk Wedding Bella & Edward Mcm Ne
Nak Tgk Mcm Ne Bella Jd Vampire
Nak Tgk Baby Dorg Cute X
Eh Jap! X Sure Lah Dlm Movie Ni Dah Dpt Baby Lum

I'm Hoping That Dlm Movie Nih Lebih Byk Action LAh
Yg Previous, New Moon Byk Sgt C.A.K.A.P
Nak Gak Tgk Vampire Vs Vampire
Vampire Vs Warewolf 

Ala2 Sinopsis
The third and latest installment of the "Twilight Saga," "Eclipse" finds our heroine Bella Swan romantically torn between her brooding vampire fiancee Edward Cullen and her hunky werewolf best friend Jacob Black. Meanwhile, an evil threat in the form of fiery vampire Victoria looms ever-closer to Forks. Still reeling from the death of her partner James in the first movie, Victoria is full of vengeance and dead-set on killing Bella with her army of newborn vamps.

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  1. Tak Sabor Nak Tangok Cerita ni... Best bangat Nih...

  2. kak alyn, yana baru tengok new moon semalam, ketinggalan kapal.. hahahahahhaha

  3. la liyana..
    xpe nnt mse eclispe xde la ketinggalan..bole flashback blk :))
    jgn lupe keh 30 june 2010 eclipse kat wyg

  4. hehe..sy pn tak sabar neh..
    nyway. bella xkawen n xdpt baby lagi lam episod neh~ tp lg best kot dr new moon~ sbb ada new born~ hohoho..
    xsbr jugak wlpn da baca abes~ hehe~

  5. i can't wait 30 june 2010


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