Wednesday, May 26, 2010

.:: Monthly Closing ::.

Hello My Life

I Dah Bp Ari X Post Entry Baru
Well Currently I Am Busy To Finish Monthly Closing
Masa Untuk Kejar D.A.T.E.L.I.N.E
(to meet dateline)

This Month We Have To Finish It In 2 Days
Yeey! Keja Mcm Robot Keh!
Actually We Took 3 to 4 Days
But This Month We Have Finish It Early Because On The 28th May 2010, I Am Going To Tasik Kenyir!

4 Of Us
(MySelf, Kyra, Shima & Faiz)

As I've Mentioned In My Previous Entry, My Company Ade Buat 'PHARMARACE'
Klon Kpd Explorace
(yg korg tgk kat TV tuh)

 p.s: Actually I Saje Nak Bg Tahu Yg I Nak Ke Kenyir Jumaat Till Ahad..Heee~

thanks for reading! xoxo

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  1. wah, nak pergi kenyir..dulu pernah pergi sana..


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