Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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" u can tell Jesus that the Bitch is back!!~ "
SAID gEORgina to Blair dlm Gossip Girls Season 2..OMG its sooo da boom!!~ i cant wait to watch the next season.

she's back!!~

will Chuck and Blair end up happily ever after?

chuck & blair - perfect match

..Dan and Serena..Nate and Venessa..How wow Lil Jenny rules the Contstant School..She was promoted by Blair to be the next queen..Yesza u deserved it Lil J..Rocks!!~

Next year they will boom into college and if im not mistaken Blair will be going to NYU coz her application to go to Yale University was unsuccessful .. Georgina kinda hv 'bithcy plan' to revenge to girly stuffs. Serena will be going to Brown.

serena & blair - bestfriend ever
i'd read the novels..well novels kinda bored..mayb coz im not into books..but i still hav the effort to read it and read and read and u know what i will buy another novels, maybe after raya..i dont hav time to stop at borders or kinokuniya or other books store. there's a huge differents between the drama and novels but its OK for me.

kudos to the director and the actor and actress

**sometimes kinda confused and had to check back the novels**
well, im planning to buy the next Gossip Girls Series which are :

'Because I'm Worth It'
'I Like It Like That'
'You're The One That I Want'
3novels in a row..
*still wondering how wow it goes on S3? i bet cha there will be more parties, bitchies and GOSSIPS!!!~ ahaks
til then guys
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thanks for reading! xoxo

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