Monday, April 6, 2009


things will never be the same..yeah itu yg i rse..i'm no longer the ' old alynne ' full with happinest..dunno lah..mayb sum1 dah grabbed my happinest..ahaks!!~ durh, i miss the old me..people yg jd kwn i b4 n after surely can feel the different..i'm da girl with a brave heart..keep on smiling although my heart is empty..

yelah dlu2 although i bz giler (always bz with my kerjaya) BUT still hv time to lepaking with my dearest fren..(of course la naftalena..u know who u are)..mmbe wayang i..mmbe teater i..mmbe lepaks mamak!!~ yerp!!~ i suke MELEPAKS!!~ so what..? x suke bole blah lah..but currently bile i dah kje jauh (jauh la gaks) x dpt nk lepaks dgn 'GEdiks Gurl' also 'ASS Girls"..hahah( i miss ASS Girls so much..sethn x jp babes*) - You Know You Love ME -


sumtimes i x bole trime dgn situasi ni but what can i must go on..but i hope dat my frens will understand the situation..i pon kdg2 TERASA dgn babes* kalo dorg x bole jp i..nak wat mcm ne kan masing2 de hal sndr..

* mcm best jerk pggl dorg babes..hahaha 'stylo' g2..

All in all, i cant be the old Alynne...never..dats what i know..i hav to live my life to the fullest (mcm ayat NESCAFE je) no matter what may come in future...hikhihk POYO jelah ayat ko nih..

scream!!~ I LOVE MY FRENS!!!~

I LOVE MY BUSYOOK gaks!!~ (hakikat yg x bole diubah oleh sape2!!!~)

- You Know You Love Me-
.:: ALynne ::.
thanks for reading! xoxo

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