Monday, October 20, 2008


At 1st, I x nk letak pic 'majlis 30.08.08' coz SURELY I know ramai yg akan give feedback..Nape ekh I letak pic tuh..?Utk bermegah2 ker..?Nope lah..Saje2 nk tambah koleksi album kat fs..hehehe

Then bile I dah display pic da ring kat frenster ramai kwn2 I tanye cincin ape tuh..cincin tunang ke merisik ke..? A week after that, I dpt la msg from someone..askin I getting married? And who’s my Mr. Universe..? hehehe I mls nk reply..wat x taw sudah..but if he really wants to know..

My Mr. universe is A MAN whom completed my life.,he's da best I ever had..He's da man who ALWAYS stay by my side when I was in sadness + mourning + distress + trouble.., he's da man who came all the way (alone) from kl to pangkor just wanna spend da holiday with me..(wah..WUT A SURPRISE!!~ sgt happy mse tuh..dah la die br abis kje pagi tuh)..

The day I met him was the day where my new life is just started..(hehe..x bole lupe kejadian kat Burger King KLCC).. I dun give a damn wut people judge bout us (IDIOTS are everywhere to ruin my happiness).,n kalo die xde, i'll becoming da OLD LyNn..

Wut makes he’s da king of my heart is once die tgh marah, DIA TAK PERNAH MENGUTUK/MAKI KETURUNAN I. Lesson that I’ve learned from my past is when u really luv sum1, u’ll never said F* words to him/her..Simple as dat babeh!!~

thanks for reading! xoxo

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