Tuesday, October 14, 2008

.:: KAMI the movie ::.


Liyana Jasmay as LYN

Syarul Ezani Bin Mohamed Ezzuddeen (Ezani) as ALI

Juliana Sophie Binti Johari Evans as SOFIE

Nas Muammar Zar (NAS-t) as ABU

Ani Zayanah Ibrahim (Zeyna) as ADII

KAMI The Series follows the individual storiesof a group of five friends and the events that lead them to find each other.

KAMI adalah kisah persahabatan lima orang sahabat dan perjalanan mereka dalam menghadapi liku-liku kehidupan.

As they each deal with their personal conflict, they learn that they are all on the same road to self-discovery and can no longer avoid coming to terms with self-doubt, relationships, parental pressures and the angst of living the banalities of life in the suburbs.

With the future of adult responsibilities closing in on them, the five friends take comfort in the one thing they can count on – their friendship – and music to define the most confusing time of their lives – the teenage years.

I give 5* lah to dis movie..I'm [L]o[v]I[n]g It..

thanks for reading! xoxo

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