Wednesday, September 17, 2008

.:: TRUE ::.

Just meeting a couple of times with those dark brown eyes.I never knew that you would be the one on my mind.

For the short times of different visits,I never thought that I'd miss it.

Through all of the hugs and kisses,we finally parted with the best intentions of God's wishes.

Gifted is he, the king of his own destiny.Leading the blind to the land of the free.

You are the one in the million man march that reached out and touched my heart.You put your world aside to listen to all of my cries.

You eased the pain like a baby's lullaby.I tip my hat to you.

for all that you do.For being a man of his word by using the word TRUE.
I thank you.

thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. :: uiksss??
    :: page 18sx..
    :: hehe
    :: :P
    :: ni dah cantek ni..
    :: :)



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